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Third Sector Strategic Partners Project (Department of Health)

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The Regional Voices network to which RAWM belongs is one the Department of Health’s strategic partners. This project facilitates effective communication between the department and local voluntary organisations and community groups working around health and social care.

As the project focuses on health inequalities it looks at the social determinants of health rather than clinical health or health services, which brings it into alignment with the West Midlands regional health & wellbeing strategy

It also fits in with ‘Fair Society, Healthy Lives’ (the Marmot Review of Health Inequalities).

RAWM has been developing links with health and social care networks around the region, and working in partnership with sub-regional consortia and local infrastructure organisations to cascade information from the Department of Health. We are still working out the most effective and efficient ways of capturing the voice of the sector to feedback to the policy and decision makers at the centre.

Health and wellbeing is a cross-cutting theme and we have identified health elements in several projects. This means that we can develop a joined up apporach rather than working in 'siloes'.

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Healthy Lives, Healthy People: public health white paper consultation

This consultation took place on 9th March 2011. Please find consultation paperwork below.

Healthy lives healthy people inequalities summary [word 154kB]

Healthy lives healthy people outcomes summary [word 51kB]

Healthy lives healthy people commissioning summary [word 54kB]

Health premium outcomes framework [pdf 710kB]

Public health funded activity - Table A [pdf 851kB]

Event programme [word 81kB]

Healthy communities - public and VCS partnerships [word 50kB]