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West Mercia PCC hustings

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A job like no other

Elections will be held in England and Wales (excluding London) on 15th November 2012 for Police & Crime Commissioners who, over a period of up to 5 years, will be responsible for:

  • Appointing a Chief Constable
  • Producing a 5 year Police & Crime Plan
  • Setting the amount you pay for policing from your Council Tax & police force budget
  • Co-operating with the local Criminal Justice System
  • Allocating grants to fund community safety and tackle crime & disorder
  • Establishment of Police & Crime Panel to support, work with and challenge the commissioner in overseeing the effective running of a police force

Through the ballot box, registered electors in West Mercia have been invited to decide who gets the job.

On Friday 9th November RAWM is inviting members of voluntary organisations in West Mercia to join the selection process and meet the candidates.

The candidates for West Mercia are:

  • Adrian Blackshaw
  • Bill Longmore
  • Simon Murphy

Taking part

You can take part in this event on Friday 9th November by:

  • Attending this event from 1 – 4pm at The Lantern Community Hall, Shrewsbury SY1 4NG (registration necessary - see below)

and/or by

Event registration

Register for the event on Friday 9th November via Eventbrite here