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West Mercia Police Authority

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RAWM, in partnership with the West Midlands Rural Community Action Network, and in consultation with the Herefordshire Partnership and the Worcestershire Partnership, and Shropshire VCS Assembly, has successfully secured a small grant under the Safer Future Communities Fund.

The purpose of the grant is to support the ongoing development of both existing and new networks as they face the changes [43kB, PDF] to be introduced by the election of Police and Crime Commissioners, and to better place the Voluntary & Community sector to meet the future challenges of these new arrangements.

RAWM has experience of working strategically with partners around community safety issues, linking with local communities’ agendas around crime prevention and policy impact and implementation. The Shropshire Assembly and the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Partnerships have built strong links with local Community Safety Partnerships. These infrastructure partnerships have a considerable record of working on the community safety and crime prevention agendas within predominantly rural environments.

RAWM will provide electronic news alerts and briefings, shared across partners, to highlight the potential impact and implications of changes across topics. Intelligence will be secured both from, and for, those partners who are members/representatives on existing Partnerships, Transitional Boards and the range of networks involved in crime prevention and community safety. We will share intelligence with locally-based partners to be distributed more widely amongst community organisations with an interest in these agendas and developments.

Important links have already been established with key strategic partners including the Community Safety Partnerships, the Local Enterprise Partnerships, the Health & Wellbeing Partnership, and the Shadow Health & Wellbeing Board.

Across the West Mercia Police Authority area, approaches towards partners such as Local Authorities, the Probation Service and the National Offender Management Service have been and are being taken up, with a view to establish strategic Criminal Justice consortia; however, the strength of the local infrastructure is one we aim to build through this programme.

To begin this extensive process we have drawn up, with input from our partners, a first draft of an Action Plan [232kB, PDF] to fit with the West Mercia Police Authority’s Community Engagement plan [201kB, PDF].

We would very much appreciate your comments/ ideas and views as part of the first stage in progressing this important agenda. Please send your comments to