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Safer Future Communities

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RAWM has successfully secured funding to develop a network for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors in the West Midlands county and West Mercia (Herefordshire, North Worcestershire, Shropshire, South Worcestershire, Telford & Wrekin) Police Authority areas, as part of the Safer Future Communities Project.

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RAWM offer to West Midlands and West Mercia Police and Crime Commission Panels [343kB, PDF]

PR toolkit for Safer Future Communities Local Networks [377kB, PDF]

Policy Authority Jargon Buster [338kB, PDF]



Briefing No 1 [80kB, PDF]

Introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners

December 2011

The police authorities that currently hold the police to account will be abolished from November 2012 and replaced by elected PCCs in 41 police force areas across Greater London, England and Wales. This policy briefing is intended to provide a brief overview of the introduction of PCCs and some of the key implications of this changing landscape for Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations in England and Wales with an interest in community safety.

Briefing No 2 [258kB, PDF]

Implications of the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners for the Violence Against Women and Girls sector

February 2012

This briefing builds on the policy briefing No 1 and discusses the issues in relation to the Violence Against Women and Girls sector specifically.

Briefing No 3 [358kB, PDF]

Briefing for young people

February 2012

This briefing focuses on the key questions for young people:
• What are the Police and Crime Commissioners?
• What will the PCCs do? How much power will they have?
• What difference will PCCs make to young people?
• Who will oversee the PCCs?
• How can young people engage with PCCs?

Briefing No 4 [373kB, PDF]

Briefing for NAVCA members on VCS preparation for PCCs

March 2012

This briefing focuses on the how local support and development organisations, including those taking the lead in local VCSE networks, can prepare to engage with the work of the new Police and Crime Commissioners.