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Health, Wellbeing and Care

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Kings Fund - Commitments to increase mental health funding not reaching the front line 

Promised increases in funding for mental health services have not materialised in many areas of the country, according to a new analysis by The King’s Fund.

The analysis shows that 40 per cent of mental health trusts saw their income fall in 2015/16. This is despite the government’s commitment to parity of esteem for mental health and assurances from NHS England that almost 90 per cent of plans submitted by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) last year included mental health funding increases. NHS England had made it clear that it expected CCGs to increase mental health funding in 2015/16. To read more click here.


Public Health England (PHE) – Local Wellbeing, local growth

Public Health England in association with Local Government Association has provided documents that bring together the arguments for a Health in All Policies approach with a set of practical examples of implementation from the UK and around the world. The resource aims to help local government improve local wellbeing and growth through its multiple functions, service areas and partnership working. To read more click here.


YMCA – I am whole: a report investigating the stigma faced by young people experiencing mental health difficulties.

The report examines the stigma faced by young people experiencing mental health difficulties. The research looks at the prevalence of this stigma, who is experiencing it and how they are doing so,

the impact of this stigma, and the potential solutions that the young people themselves have identified. To download an executive summary click here.


Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) – The social value difference in health and care commissioning

This report details the difference social value can make in health and care commissioning, and shares learning for other commissioning authorities to make the most of social value. It presents the initial findings from SEUK's Health and Social Value Programme, a three-year programme bringing together local CCGs, local authorities, health and wellbeing boards and VCSE organisations in twelve areas across England.


NHS Clinical Commissioners- The Future of commissioning

This paper sets out a vision for the future of clinical commissioning. Developments such as accountable care organisations and sustainability and transformation plans, are welcomed in the paper as having the potential to allow them to focus on fulfilling their strategic ambitions to work across the whole system and place-based commissioning of services for the benefit of patients.


Houses of Parliament – Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology - Green space and health

A range of bodies, including government agencies, have promoted the possible physical and mental health benefits of access to green space. This briefing summarises the evidence for physical and mental health benefits from contact with nature, and the challenges for urban green spaces.


King’s Fund – Policy Changes to implement the NHS five year forward view: a progress report

Two years on from the publication of the NHS five year forward view, the King’s Fund new report assesses what progress already has been made and what still needs to be done to align policies to the plan click here to read more.


Two years on from the publication of the NHS five year forward view, the King’s Fund new report assesses what progress already has been made and what still needs to be done to align policies to the plan click here to read more.


Scope – Leading my life my way: Young disabled people’s experiences of using services to live Independent lives

This report finds that young disabled people are experiencing poor quality care and support planning, a lack of information and advice tailored to their specific needs and expectations. The report calls for the government to look beyond funding support for the basics in social care to ensure that young disabled people are supported and enabled to live independent lives.


New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) – Freeing up health analysis: Using government data to improve Health services

This report argues that relevant government departments should adopt a data labs model to enable charities to better understand the impact of their services on people’s health. This would allow the whole health sector learn what works, and would help to build more effective and efficient services.


Birmingham City Council, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council  and NHS – Sustainability and Transformation Plan

The NHS, Birmingham City Council and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council have worked together to develop a draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). The plan proposes what we could do to improve and transform our primary care, community, social care, mental health, maternity and wider hospital services. It also looks at how we can address the significant increase in demand for health and care services at a time when budgets are shrinking. We’ve submitted our draft plan to NHS England for review. The plan is not final, and they will continue to develop it with input from the local community and other stakeholders.


Localis - A new public service ethos: next generation public service reform

This publication surveyed 1,415 NHS and local government senior managers and executives from across the UK. It found a clear perception within the public sector of what characterizes the public service ethos: accountability, community responsibility, customer service and integrity. The survey shows that NHS and council workers believe private sector involvement in public services has affected the quality of public services and the core values that make up the public service ethos.


Police and public health: Innovation in practice: an overview of collaboration across England

This document highlights case studies of initiatives between police and public health from across the country. It was developed to stimulate discussion and sharing of good practice with a view to developing a national consensus statement on policing and public health. It is intended for use by police forces, police and crime commissioners, local authorities and NHS, and as an information source for the wider public health system.


Alzheimer's Society - Making personal budgets dementia friendly: a guide for local authorities 

Alzheimer’s Society has produced a personal budgets guide of easy and cost-effective actions councils can take to improve the personal budgets process for people with dementia and their carers. The aim of this is to help local authorities deliver person-centred care.


People and Communities Board, Five Year Forward View - People’s Transformation

 Monday 28th November 12 – 8pm  Free event online and available to anyone from 

Bringing together patients, carers, service users, and staff from across health and care systems in the UK and overseas to connect, share and learn from each other. It will showcase the latest innovations, practices, and methods to inspire you to make change – and genuine co-production- happen.

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