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Health, Wellbeing and Care

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American Hospital Association (AHA) – Next generation of Community Health

This report takes a US focused view on how community health services are likely to develop as hospitals redefine themselves to keep pace with the changing health care landscape. It examines how community health has the potential to become the hub for population health and to bring together multiple sectors to reduce health inequalities.

The Kings Fund – Delivering sustainability and transformation plans: from ambitious proposals to credible plans

Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) have been developed in 44 footprints across England across England, with the aim of transforming care in line with the NHS five year forward view. But can the proposals in STPs be delivered? The Kings Fund new report looks in detail at the content of the 44 STPs and the opportunities and challenges for implementation. The report is accompanied by a short briefing that discusses the seven key opportunities and challenges facing the STPs.

National Audit Office – Health and Social Care Integration

This report warns that progress with integration of health and social care has, to date, been slower and less successful than envisaged and has not delivered all of the expected benefits for patients, the NHS or local authorities. It finds that the Better Care Fund has not achieved the expected value for money, in terms of savings, outcomes for patients or hospital activity. As a result, the National Audit Office concludes that the government’s plan for integrated health and social care services across England by 2020 is at significant risk

Public Health England - Digital-first public health: Public Health England’s Digital Strategy

PHE has launched their new Digital Strategy, explaining how they will make best use of digital to meet the needs of their users and fulfill their remit to protect and promote health and reduce inequalities.

PHE will take a digital-first approach to lead the development of new models of public health within the public health system, working with partners including national government, local government, the NHS, the voluntary and community sector, industry, the scientific and academic community and global public health partners. It describes the current state of digital within PHE and what they plan to do in 2017 to 2018.

National Children’s Bureau - Gender-sensitive approaches to addressing children and young people’s emotional and mental health and wellbeing

NCB has published practice examples showing how considerations of gender can inform work to support emotional and mental health and wellbeing. This follows our evidence review exploring how gender relates to children and young people's needs and experiences, and to parental and professional responses. Gendered issues in children's mental health include young male suicide, low self-esteem among girls and mental health inequalities faced by trans young people. In sharing promising examples, NCB aims to help further thinking and practice in this area. To read more click here.



VODG have published a new report in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society, Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities, MacIntyre and the National Care Forum calling for the needs of people with learning disabilities and dementia to be better addressed.  The report focuses on how best to support the growing numbers of people with the condition. The publication is based on recent work with care providers aiming to improve the quality of life of people with a learning disability and dementia, and the challenges to this goal. The report responds to the fact that people with learning disabilities are five times more likely than those in the general population to develop dementia*. Despite the increasingly high profile of dementia, there is a need to improve policy, planning and research in relation to people with learning disabilities and dementia.


Revolutionising children’s mental health care – Emma Selby

To mark Children’s Mental Health Week, the Digital Lead at North East London Foundation Trust’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service (EWMHS) looks at the importance of experience based co-design and service innovation.  To read more cllick here.


Volunteering Matters - Volunteering and Social Action –Making the Care Act Real: 

 21 March, 2017 London

 This is free, national event will review the work led by Volunteering Matters, in partnership with the LGA, ADASS and NAVCA, for the Health and Care Voluntary Sector Strategic Partnership’ Programme, to show how volunteering and social action have an important role to play in making real the wellbeing principle of the Care Act 2014.  

 The work is helping local authorities and their partners in the NHS and VCSE realise the potential of volunteering and social action to help to build stronger, more resilient communities and so promote wellbeing and deliver personalised care and health outcomes

To read more and register, go to:

For additional information contact:


The Health Foundation – Reducing hospital admissions by improving continuity of care in general practice

This briefing summarises research that analysed data from over 230,000 anonymised patient records for older people aged 62-82 years. The research found that there were fewer hospital admissions for certain conditions when the patient saw the same GP more consistently. Patients who saw their usual GP two more times out of every ten were associated with six percent fewer avoidable hospital admissions.


Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) – Race in the workplace: the MacGregor-Smith review

This independent review considers the issues affecting black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in the workplace. It sets out recommendations for employers in the public ad private sectors to improve diversity within their organisations. The government’s response is published alongside the report.


NHS England – Five year forward view for mental health: one year on

This report marks the anniversary of the publication of the Five Year Forward view for Mental Health. It highlights the progress made in the first year of the programme, and takes a look at the achievements that need to be built upon next year and beyond.


Skills for Health – End of life care core skills education and training framework

This framework, developed in partnership with Skills for Care and Health Education England, promotes greater collaboration between organisations in the health and care sector and the community. The framework sets out standards for staff education and training, and classifies key skills and knowledge into three tiers, ranging from general end of life care awareness to the in-depth knowledge needed to care for and support an individual approaching the end of their life, and their family. An accompanying training pack has been developed to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of working together to support people at the end of their lives.


The Health Foundation – The Social Care Funding Gap: Implications for local health care reform

This briefing analyses information from STPs on the position of social care funding and estimates that the size of the funding gap will be at least £2bn in 2017/18. It draws on interviews from a range of STP leaders and argues that the social care funding gap has significant implications for STPs. The briefing warns that insufficient funding risks their ability to improve care and put services on a more sustainable footing.


Birmingham CrossCity CCG - Have your say about changes to mental health services

The NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Birmingham, led by Birmingham CrossCity CCG, are consulting on proposed changes to some of the mental health services that we buy from third sector organisations. The consultation will be gathering views from local people, past and current service users, carers and organisations, on a number of proposals. These include creating ‘recovery centres’ for people with serious mental illnesses; offering individuals support with their employment, education and training options; and accessing personal health budgets. To find out more and contribute click here.


Local Government Association (LGA) – Public health transformation four years on: maximising the use of limited resources

This compilation of case studies shows how local authorities continue to make progress on improving health and wellbeing and tackling health inequalities since public health was formally transferred from the NHS in April. These case studies aim to show what potential there is for public health, if properly resourced to make inroads in improving health and wellbeing. 


Public Health England - Everybody active, every day: two years on

This report provides a progress update on the national physical activity framework for England. The review focuses on the four areas of action within the framework; creating an active society; creating networks of professional expertise; creating the right spaces; scaling up interventions.

Midlands Social Prescribing Network Event

Thursday 27th April 2017, 10am-4pm

Venue: The Best Western Stuart Hotel, 119 London Road, Derby, DE1 2QR


Public Health England host the first meeting of the Midlands Social Prescribing Network. This free event will bring together people from health, research, local government and voluntary and community sectors to explore how social prescribing is being used e.g. managing long-term conditions, reducing social isolation and improving mental health. We will support commissioners and practitioners to consider how social prescribing can be embedded in transformation work to improve health and wellbeing outcomes, reduce the pressure in general practice, as well impact on long-term acute system pressures. To read more click here


Think Local Act PersonalMoving Forward with Personalisation A Midlands Regional Event

TLAP is a national partnership of more than 50 organisations committed to transforming care and support through personalisation and community-based support. The partnership spans central and local government, the NHS, the provider sector, people with care and support needs, carers and family members with whom we engage via the National Co-production Advisory Group.

 Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) is holding a roadshow on the theme of moving forward with personalisation. The day will be interactive with a focus on practical tried and tested approaches to implementing personalisation in a challenging financial environment. To find out more click here.