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E-Bulletin September 2016

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Young man looking for web design resources online with close-up of his hand on the mouse.

Birmingham and Black Country Communities Fund


The Heart of England Community Foundation has launched the Birmingham and Black Country Communities Fund. It aims to help people living in Birmingham and the Black Country who face some form of disadvantage or social exclusion. Grants of up to £1500 can be made for projects that meet one or more of the following criteria: Promote health and wellbeing; tackle disadvantage; support local solutions to meet local needs; promote community cohesion; develop sustainble and supportive communities. Smaller groups with income less than £50,000 who have not received grants in the past can apply. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


New Beginnings Fund Update


A second round of grants will be promoted late summer. Over £500,000 in grants were given in the first round to support community groups working with refugee and asylum seeker integration. If you are interested in joining the second phase of the programme contact Vicki Papworth at UKCF.


Campaigning skills training in the Midlands

Following on from the succeess of last year's campaigning workshops, the Sheila McKechnie Foundation (SMK) is running another Midlands campaigning trianing programme this Autumn. Supported by Barrow Cadbury Trust Influencing Change Birmingham starts on the 8 November and consists of one day's training over five months, finishing in April 201. The workshop provides individuals with training on campaigning, strategy, influencing, communicating messages and building networks. Deadline for applications is 7 October.


 New Tools to help charities understand the practice of impact


New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) has produced three new tools which they hope will help busy organisations improve their practice impact. The first tool 'Measuring Up!' helps organisations understand impact practice and to focus on what improvements are needed. There are also two other tools - one for small organisations and the other specifically for funders. Find out more click here.


 Ofcom, the Telecom Regulator - Community Radio Fund Re-opens on 19th October


Ofcome has announced that the Community Radio Fund re-opens for applications on the 19th Octoer 2016. Funding will be available to no-for-profit radio stations that have a social purpose, and work to involve their target community in running the service. Funding will be available to community radio stations towards their core running.

Capacity Building Training for the Voluntary Sector in Sandwell

Sandwell Community Hubs Co-operative has been commissioned by Sandwell Coucil to run capacity building training across the Borough. This course will focus upon fundraising from charitable trusts and foundations where the trainer will support each course participant to develop their bid writing skills. These training sessions cover a wide range of fundraising. To find out more click here.


A B Charitable Trust

The AB Charitable Trust has announced that UK registered charities with an income of between £150,000 and £1.5million who are working to combat abuse and violations of human rights and to support the disadvantaged, have until the 16th September 2016 to apply for the current round of funding.

Applications are particularly welcome from charities working to support:
• Refugees and asylum seekers
• Prisoners and penal reform
• Those addressing the needs of the most marginalised and neglected groups in society.
Grants range in size, with most grants awarded being in the range £7,500 to £10,000.

Deadline: 16th September 2016
More information at:


D M Thomas Foundation

Registered Charities that work with young people have the opportunity to apply for grants through the DM Thomas Foundation for Young People (formerly the Hilton Foundation) Central Grants Programme.

Registered Charities can apply for grants ranging from a few hundred pounds up to £30,000 per year for up to 2 years that are working in the areas of education or health with one of the Foundation’ four chosen focus groups. These are:
• Children and young people with disabilities;
• Children and young people who are sick in hospital;
• Employability and training programmes for disadvantaged young people;
• Children and young people who are life limited (requiring palliative care).

There is approximately £200,000 available to distribute each quarter. Grant applications for up to £5,000 can be approved by the Director; up to £10,000 can be approved by the Committee, and applications for more than £10,000 are recommended to the Trustees for final approval. There is no limit on the amount of money that a charity can request. However, the Foundation is a small charity and generally will not make awards of over £30,000 (per year). Funding can be requested for up to 2 years for any particular project.

The next closing date for applications is 5.30 pm on the 11th October 2016.


Lloyds Foundation – New One Grant Programme

This new one-off £1 million grants programme is part of the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales £3 million commitment over three years to strengthen the sectors and improve responses to domestic and sexual abuse.

Charities or Charitable Incorporated Organisations registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales can apply as long as their annual income is between £25,000 and £2 million; their core work is focused on domestic or sexual abuse; and they have a proven track record of expertise in in domestic and sexual abuse.

The Foundation expects to award grants of up to £100,000 to up to 10 charities. The activity can be funded for up to two years, starting from the date at which the grant is made.

There is particular interest in proposals presenting innovative ways for small and specialist services to make greater impact.
Projects will be prioritised which show the greatest potential in sharing learning and have a clear plan to achieve it.

The deadline for initial applications is 30 September 2016 (5pm)
Further information can be found on the Lloyds Bank Fund website at

Groundworks offers local community groups the opportunity to start an exciting creative journey.

Would you like to include arts and cultural activities to make the most of your group activities?  Do you have exciting ideas and want to make arts and culture part of what you do?  Would you like access of up to £2400 to invest in arts activity?

Deadline for submissions is 12th Oct, 5pm

Voluntary Groups invited to Support refresh of Sandwell's 'Early Help' Strategy

Voluntary organisations and community groups supporting children, young people and families in Sandwell are being invited to get involved in discussions on how to improve local help through partnership working. A broad range of different organisations within the VCS and many statutory agencies currently deliver support to help chidlren and families. To find out ore click here.

Anthony Collins Solicitors - Asset Transfers: Opportunity or Liability 27th October

The Ethnical Property Foundaiton is a UK charity launched in 2004, to support non profits with high quality property advice free at the point os access, with 3000+ clients to date. In February 2015 the Foundaiton became a preferred supplier of land and property advice to the Charity Commisison.

Charities and community groups are increasingly choosing to take on asset transfers from local authorities as a means of acquiring property. However without proper management, any property is at risk of becoming a liability, with unforeseen costs and unexpected problems putting strain on organisations which are often already overworked.

The training will be held from 10.00 - 15.00 and is designed to be jargon free, accessible introduction and overview of how to make asset transfers a success.There is also a one to one property advice clinic that follows the training.

To find out more and book:

To reserve a place on the training please click HERE.

To reserve a place for a one-on-one session please click HERE

Inspirational Event to Celebrate Women

The Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is hosting the conference entitled ‘The Contribution Women Make to a Safer Community’.

The event, which is free to attend and open to men and women alike, will take place from 9am-4pm on November 3 at Yarnfield Park Training and Conference Centre.

A range of influential speakers will form the line-up starting with Chief Fire Officer Becci Bryant and Vice Chancellor of Staffordshire University Professor Liz Barnes who will take to the stage during the morning session.

Editor in Chief at the Crisis Response Journal Emily Hough will lead the afternoon session followed by expert in organisational behaviour Dr Anna Einarsdottir and Chief Executive Officer of North Staffs YMCA Danny Flynn.

There will also be a trio of workshops facilitated by Women to Work, She Works and PREVENT – Refugees.

Event is free of charge to those working across the County.

To find out more book:


The All Party Parliamentary Group on Refugeees - Inquiry launch on the experiences of newly arrived and newly recognised refugees in the UK

An inquiry into the experiences of newly arrived and newly recognised refugees in the UK has been launched by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Refugees. The inquiry will consider the experiences of refugees who have claimed asylum in the UK, as well as those of refugees who have arrived in the UK through other paths, such as resettlement. In particular, the inquiry will focus on the integration of new refugees, including success in finding employment, securing accommodation and, where appropriate, help with English language skills. The first stage deadline for written evidence was the 9th September. A second stage will be released later on this year. The second stage will focus in more detail on policy issues such as the provision of ESOL classes and the process of becoming of British citizen.

Implementation of Area-Based Reviews: Understanding the outcome for Post - 16 Educaiton and Training

The Government’s series of Local Area Reviews have been assessing the post-16 training and education environment, to focus on local economic need. Outcomes for these reviews are expected in the coming months, with guidance forthcoming for providers who may look to take on, reduce or otherwise amend their provision. Additional guidance is also anticipated for other groups such as local authorities, employers, LEPs and schools.

This is a Westminster Briefing. The morning session will look at the outcomes of the reviews. This will touch on implications for providers, which will be explored further in the afternoon session you will hear and share how other institutions are approaching these challenges.

Speakers include:

  • Bobbie McClelland, Deputy Director of Vocational Education, DfE
  • Janet Clark, Education Policy Adviser, ATL
  • Peter Ryder, Director, Rockborn Management Consultants; Former Chief Executive, Greater Manchester Colleges Group & Former Principal, Tameside College
  • Pauline Stannett, HR Director, Heathrow & Deputy Chair, London (West) Area Review
  • Nick Martin, Chair, City of Westminster College
  • Cllr David Green, Former Leader, Bradford Council
  • Andy Gannon, FE Consultant (chair)

To find out more click here.


CLINKS Resource - evidencing Women's Desistance

Clinks has published the London Women's Shared Evidence Toolkit, a resource for organisations seeking to improve their services and offer to commisisoners, and for those needing to collect evidence across a consortium or partnership. The toolkit is intended for use by organisations working with women in contact with the criminal justice system and those at risk of offending. A common way of measuring how well individual services carry out what they think works in supporting women's desistance is virtually non-existent - this toolkit is an attempt to begin to fil this gap. It comprises two outcomes framework and a set of five tools for gathering evidence to measure the outcomes. To find out more click here.

Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Violence against women and girls is prevalent, both in Britain and around the world. Last year it was estimated that 1.4 million women experience some form of domestic abuse in the UK, whilst 31% of young women aged between 18-24 report having experienced sexual abuse in childhood. With the fresh publication of this comprehensive strategy and pledge of £80 million towards establishing and embedding the best ways to prevent violence and help victims and their families, this symposium will provide local authorities, criminal justice agencies, police services ad health profressionals with an invaluable and timely opportunity to engage with the Government's plan and support the continued development of a holistic approach towards ending VAWG.


Midlands Communications Networking Group


The second meeting of the Midlands Networking Group will be held on Thursday 6th October 15.30 - 17.30 at the Impact Hub, Walker Building, 58 Oxford Street, Digbeth B5 5NR.

Cost fre teo Charity Comms members and £30 plus VAT for non member charities. £60 for non member corporate/public sector. There will be short presentation by Chris Arnold, from CABA on how they're using Google Analytics 'Goals' follwed by small group discussions. to book click here.  To join contact Harriet Smith, Events Manager, 0207 426 8877

Joseph Rowntree Foundation - We can solve Poverty in the UK

This new report from Joseph Rowntree Foundation sets out recommendations on how al of us can act to solve poverty. The strategy contains a five-point plan that aims to: boost incomes and reduce costs; deliver an effective benefits sytem; improve educaiton standards and raise skills; strengthen families and communities and promote long term economic growth benefiting everyone. To download a copy of the report click here.