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E-Bulletin July 2016

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Please find below the latest national and regional news and developments:


A report from the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford examines the potential implications of admission criteria for EU nationals coming to the UK. In this report it points to certain industries that will likely be adversely affected such as those of the hotel and restaurant industries that rely heavily on EU labour. The report concludes by proposing the implications for EU migration in the event of the UK leaving the EU.

Suzanne Reynolds has been appointed as Specialist Midwife for Homeless, Asylum Seeking and Migrant women at Heart of England Trust. She will be responsible for designing a pathway for these women who access maternity services, as well as increasing uptake and engagement. She is keen to hear the voices of women and their families to ensure the service meets their needs. If you have information on events, groups, or contacts that would help in this regard please contact Suzanne at:

Statutory guidance on female genital mutilation has been released. This guidance is designed to be considered with existing safeguarding guidance. It is not designed to replace broader safeguarding guidance but to provide context specific to FGM.
This guidance has three stated key functions:
 To provide information on FGM, including on the law on FGM in England and Wales. This is set out in the main body of the document
 To provide strategic guidance on FGM for chief executives, directors and senior managers of persons and bodies mentioned above, or of third parties exercising public protection functions on behalf of those persons or bodies. This guidance is set out in the main body of this document
 To provide advice and support to front-line professionals who have responsibilities to safeguard and support women and girls affected by FGM, in particular to assist them in:
o Identifying when a girl or young woman may be at risk of FGM and responding appropriately
o Identifying when a girl or woman has had FGM and responding appropriately
o Implementing measures that can prevent and ultimately help end the practice of FGM
This guidance encourages agencies to cooperate and work together to protect and support those at risk of, or who have undergone, FGM.

The Guide to the Manager's Role in Resilience

When people feel psychologically well they perform at their peak and, if appropriately motivated, will perform at their peak at work.  Feeling well is in the mind. If your mind is clear, and you can freely concentrate on what you need or want to do, and you feel safe, secure and successful. Too frequently managers come into their roles as a consequence of doing well in another more technical role, without having any chance to discover that management is all about the uncertainty of managing people, and not simply managing a project. The Guide to the Manager’s Role in Resilience which provides exercises, questionnaires and assessments that managers can do to focus on the wellbeing and performance of their teams.



Shropshire Voluntary and Community Sector Assembly

Shropshire Infrastructure partnership invtes you to the Shropshire Infrastructure Mapping Workshop on 11th July, 9.30am - 12.30pm at University Centre, Guildhall, Shrewsbury. It will be an opportunity to share and identify the support being provided by agencies to the VCS and discuss the future of infrastructure in Shopshire. for more information click here or call 01691 656882 or email

Wye Valley NHS Trust Inspection

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of all health and adult social care services in England. The body registers, monitors and inspct services to make they provide safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care, and encourage organisations to improve. CQC will be inspecting Wye Valley NHS Trust in July. If you have any views or experience of care at the Wye Valley NHS hospital, then please contact CQC either by phone: 03000 616161; email: or online:

Citizen UK Summer Delegates Assembly

Citizens UK is an independent alliance of member faith, education, trade union and community institutions acting together for the common good in a number of cities and towns across the UK. We have trained hundreds of leaders in the tools of community organising, building the power of people to win change.

The Summer Delegates Assembly will be held on the 13th July 6.30pm - 8.30pm @ Carrs Lane Conference Centre Carrs Lane City Centre B4 7SX.
There will be lots of meeting, learning, and sharing of top issues with people from across the West Midlands at this event. To find out more and book click here.




NCVO Charity Forecast Poll, June 2016

NCVO is taking its latest quarterly snapshot of how confident the leaders of member organisations are feeling.There are five quick and easy tick box questions and one will be able to see how your organisation compares when NCVO releases the results over the coming weeks.