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State of the West Midlands 2010

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Wed, 03/11/2010

The West Midlands Regional Observatory (WMRO) has published their State of the West Midlands Report 2010.

State of the West Midlands is designed to inform the policies and decisions that impact on the businesses, people and places of the West Midlands.

State of the West Midlands 2010 sets out the evidence about some of the key challenges facing the West Midlands and its localities. Since the general election earlier in the year, much has changed in the way that the West Midlands is governed. However, the big issues remain. Issues such as the growing economic output gap, high levels of worklessness, skills levels, the ageing population, the consequences of climate change and the poor image of the West Midlands.

Download the report [1.77 mB, PDF] or view it on this interactive website.