krigen mod narkotika fiasko social retfærdighed i forbindelse med sundhedsydelser

Share your views on care at home

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Tue, 15/02/2011

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) launched an official inquiry into care for older people in England on 10 November 2010. The inquiry looks at the protection and promotion of human rights of older people who require or receive care and support.

If you have something to say about the way the human rights of older people requiring or receiving care are protected or promoted in their own private homes, now is the time to get in touch.

The inquiry is supported by an external advisory group. Four members of this group from The English Community Care Association, Unison, UK Homecare Association and The Social Care Association have recorded a special video message for people who may be considering providing evidence. Visit the EHRC website to watch the videos and hear why your views are vital.

The deadline for submission is the 4th March 2011.

If you have any queries about the inquiry please email: or visit the Home Care Inquiry web pages: