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Sector bodies amongst abolished quangos

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Fri, 15/10/2010

The Commission for the Compact, the Office for Civil Society Advisory Body and the voluntary sector infrastructure body Capacitybuilders will be abolished as part of the government’s review of quangos, the Cabinet Office has confirmed.

The functions of the Commission for the Compact – to promote and champion the Compact – will transfer to the Cabinet Office and Compact Voice respectively. This too was anticipated after the two organisations launched a draft renewed Compact a few weeks ago which, as reported by Civil Society, was roundly criticised by the Commission.

With regards to Capacitybuilders, the government states that alternative delivery for capacity-building activity is under review – civil society minister Nick Hurd has already announced that he will launch a consultation soon on the future shape of sector infrastructure. Capacitybuilders will have disbursed around £150m of government funding to the sector during its existence.

The OCS Advisory Body – effectively the group of senior sector figures appointed to advise the old Office of the Third Sector on what the sector wanted from the government – will cease to exist when its members’ terms of office come to an end on 31 March next year.

The government claimed that the restructuring of the quango landscape would “help to reinvigorate the public’s trust in democracy and also ensure that the government operates in a more efficient and businesslike way”

Source: Third Sector News and Civil Society News