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"Disabled people should work for less than Minimum wage" - Tory MP Phillip Davies

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Fri, 01/07/2011

Please consider signing the petition against the outrageous comments made by Tory MP Phillip Davies. It only takes a moment to complete the form, please inform this misguided MP of the views held by the British majority.

As you may have seen in the news, Conservative MP Philip Davies commented in a Parliamentary debate on employment opportunities that disabled people should be prepared to work for less than the minimum wage. He suggested that this would allow disabled people to 'prove themselves’ in the workplace.

His comments serve to reinforce employers’ prejudice against disabled people and suggest that those with a disability should be given less favourable treatment to others in society. His suggestion would give license to employers to directly discriminate and exploit those with a disability simply in order to save money.

A petition has been set up to demonstrate to Mr Davies that his ill-thought out remarks represent an attack on equality and are not views that are commonly held among the public. We would appeal to our members and the wider sector to sign this petition.