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NAVCA warns new Compact may weaken campaigning

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Wed, 03/11/2010

NAVCA has raised concerns about principles on campaigning and prime contracters in the new draft Compact which was released for consultation last month.

The ‘renewed’ Compact, which is due to be implemented later this month, will be slimmed down from 95 key principles to 37 and aims to fit the approach of the coalition government. In its response to the six-week consultation on the new Compact, NAVCA says it supports a shorter document which will be more workable.

However, NAVCA voices concerns about the document’s wording on campaigning, which says civil society organisations should "campaign and advocate responsibly based on robust evidence". NAVCA complains that the document’s wording is “subjective and could be subject to interpretation” and urges the independence of the voluntary and community sector to be bolstered in the document.

Source: Civil Society News