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Consultation on assistive technology and telecare products

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Fri, 10/09/2010

The Community Gateway in partnership with West Midlands Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership, ‘Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands’ is undertaking a consultation to establish the quality of information provided about assistive technology and telecare products which make independent living easier for people with either a condition or disability which affects their physical or mental abilities to support themselves without assistance.

The Community Gateway would like you to help them by completing a short questionnaire. There are 20 short yes/no type questions, the output of which will help the region to focus on the most important aspects of information provision, which will support people to live independently.

If Assistive Technology or Telecare is new to you, don’t worry, there is further information when you follow this link.

The IEWM will share the output with key stakeholders once the survey is complete. Please could you respond by Friday 24th September.