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Compact Voice increasingly concerned over delay to compact approval by Government

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Fri, 10/12/2010

Today Compact Voice has learned that delays to the approval process within government mean that the renewed National Compact, originally timetabled for release at the end of November, is now likely to be published next week.

This is despite a shorter consultation period of six weeks, provided in order for the compact document and new supporting “accountability measures” for government, to be functioning as soon as possible following October’s comprehensive spending review (CSR) decisions.

Compact Voice is concerned that these on-going delays will mean that more spending decisions will be made without reference to compact principles, leaving voluntary sector groups vulnerable to bad practice at this crucial time.

The organisation intends to implement a plan for supporting voluntary sector organisations as soon as the new compact package is released. This will include:

1. A programme of events around the country in the first quarter of 2011
2. Wide promotion of existing good practice
3. Tacking bad practice when it arises
4. A series of guides to support partnership working at all levels

Compact Voice has had assurances that the Office for Civil Society (OCS) is committed to contacting every government department once the renewed compact is published, to ensure it is widely known and used.