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Compact Voice announces activities to 'renew' the Compact

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Fri, 17/09/2010

Today, Compact Voice announced it is working with government to deliver a renewed national Compact document, and is negotiating a package of measures which will ensure the Compact agreement is both more accountable and more effective.

The voluntary and community sector will face unprecedented challenges over the coming years, as demand for their services and support rises and public spending reduces.  The Compact is the central agreement underpinning relations between the two sectors, and the available evidence shows that it must:

  • Have more effective accountability
  • Be relevant to, and considered across, the government’s key policy initiatives, particularly the Big Society
  • Have the ability to address the major challenges faced by the sector, such as spending cuts and a high volume of new policy initiatives

A renewed Compact with strong accountability measures must be in place following the publication of the Comprehensive Spending Review in October 2010. It will be vital for Government departments to follow Compact principles when making all subsequent spending decisions, in order to protect the voluntary sector and the valuable frontline services it delivers across the country.

Compact Voice will be working with its membership to seek the views of the voluntary and community sector. This will ensure the document which is mutually agreed, will provide the best possible outcomes for the whole of the voluntary sector, as well as for local and national partnerships. It will publicly release a draft document on its website for comment on Monday 20th September, and run a series of events to gain further views from across the sector over the following six weeks. It is expected that the final, renewed Compact will launch in November.

Simon Blake, Chair of Compact Voice, said:

“Compact Voice is working with government to ensure the renewed Compact and the associated accountability measures will provide the ‘teeth’ the voluntary and community sector has been asking for, especially at this critical time. I am fully aware that the Compact was refreshed only last year, however we appreciate that a new government with a new agenda wants to ensure the Compact fits with their approach.

This is an important opportunity for the sector to ensure the accountability that has long been called for becomes a reality.

At this stage we want to engage the whole sector’s views on the renewed Compact; and as negotiations about accountability measures progress we will of course discuss these also, before agreeing to the finalised Compact.“

More information, including questions and answers and a full statement from Simon Blake, Chair of Compact Voice, is available online at