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Civil society bodies team up to map intelligence on voluntary sector cuts across the country

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Tue, 25/01/2011

A new website launched this week will help to build a nationwide picture of how government spending cuts are taking their toll on the voluntary and community sector.

The site,, gives voluntary and community organisations the opportunity to share their concerns about funding cuts and how they will impact on their ability to deliver vital services.

A joint project

It is a joint project bringing together the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO), Volunteering England, the National Council of Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS), Compact Voice and regional voluntary networks from across the country.

All of the data captured will be public, so that groups can use the information in their campaigning and policy work, and citizens can see the real impact on voluntary organisations in their area.

How you can help

Submit information!

If your organisation is facing cuts please record these on the site.  This process is quick and easy and will help to build a detailed picture of the state of sector.

Spread the word!

Help promote the site by encouraging other organisations and members of your local community to use it.

Who said what?

Sir Stuart Etherington, Chief Executive of NCVO, said: ‘This project will capture powerful data about where cuts are being made disproportionately and who is being hit the hardest. We would urge any organisations affected by cuts to share their stories on the site; together we can send a strong message to government about the scale of the challenges ahead for the sector.’

Sir Stephen Bubb, Chief Executive of ACEVO, said: ‘The sector faces significant challenges in the months ahead. We’re hearing daily reports from our members about how cuts from both central and local government are hitting their organisations hard. It is absolutely right that the umbrella bodies in the sector have come together in this way to get the message out.’

Justin Davis Smith, Chief Executive, Volunteering England said: ‘We are hearing extremely worrying reports on how cuts are threatened in the core and project budgets of local and national volunteer-involving organisations. We think it is crucial we work together with other umbrella organisations to produce an overall picture of threatened and actual cuts and their impact. We need to make a properly evidenced case to the government, to our funders and to the public.’

Faiza Chaudary, Director of Policy and Communications of NCVYS said: ‘We have been leading the way in monitoring the impact of cuts on our members and the young people that they work with. It is important that the sector continues to document these stories and NCVYS is committed to advocating on behalf of those most at risk from the cuts.’

Richard Caulfield, Chief Executive for Voluntary Sector Northwest, said: ‘Regional Voices believe it is vital that we have a picture of how the cuts are panning out for the VCS across the country. Gaining a more local understanding of the geographic spread of the cuts will allow us to follow up trends and identify good and bad practice in implementing the cuts. It is vital for the VCS that partners continue to listen, value and invest in the voluntary sector in these difficult times.’

More information

For more information contact Mandy Murphy in NCVO’s press office on 020 7520 2469 or email For calls outside office hours, please ring 07714 243942.