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Charities invited to utilise government data

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Fri, 10/12/2010

Charities are being urged to submit ideas for how they could make use of government data, with up to £50,000 available for the development of the winning proposal.

Run by information management company TSO, the OpenUp competition aims to make use of, the government’s new portal to over 4,600 public sector datasets.

The individual or organisation which wins will receive a prize of £1,000 as well as funding for the development of the project, the level of which will be at the discretion of TSO.

The first 50 entrants will also receive a £50 high street voucher.

As an example, the competition organisers suggest NHS data presented on a map could help health charities to identify where in the UK people with specific health needs are located.

Five ideas will be shortlisted with those entrants then asked to present to a panel of experts including Charles Arthur, technology editor of the Guardian.

The deadline for the competition is 31 December 2010.

Competition website.

Source: Civil Society Media