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UPDATE: Capturing the moment - the state of the housing sector

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Tue, 14/02/2012

This note accompanies the launch of the ‘Social Cement’ publication [2.1mB, PDF] earlier this year. The ‘Social Cement’ report brings together in a powerful and compelling fashion the current work of the Voluntary and Community Housing Sector in the West Midlands. The West Midlands Voluntary and Community Sector Housing Network seeks your support in working together to ensure this is built upon and not lost as local priorities lead to hard choices being made.

It is acknowledged that some of the Sector’s work with local communities and vulnerable people has been supported and sustained by funding that, until now, has come via the public sector. In future each local authority will be deploying their more limited funds in accordance with differing sets of locally established priorities across the West Midlands. The effect on members of the Voluntary Housing Sector will vary from place to place, as will the impact on our clients.

Understanding the cumulative and geographical implications for various groups of vulnerable people will be important in informing local dialogue between the sector and local authorities. It should also help the sector in grasping this ‘big picture’ allowing us to explain West Midland’s issues at a national level. We will need to work together to help bring this picture into focus. Now is a very critical time. Organisations are still in being, but may be already contracting or anticipate their own closure, or merger in other cases.

To understand the overall trends, and for your sector representatives to give a true voice to these issues, your help and information is vital without which, the sector risks being the passive recipient of various impacts.

Updated questionnaire [14 February 2012]

In order to understand how changes are affecting you please provide some information in the attached questionnaire [80kB, DOC] and send back via email to or by hard copy to S. Forrest c/o RAWM, Lockside, 5 Scotland Street, Birmingham, B1 2RR.