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WMEN’s legacy ensured as RAWM takes on European mantle

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Wed, 07/12/2011

WMEN is pleased to announce that RAWM, the support agency for voluntary and community organisations in the West Midlands, will take over the provision of support to third sector organisations wanting to access and manage European funding.

The announcement was made on 6th December 2011 at WMEN’s AGM and coincides with the end of WMEN’s current contract, on 30th November 2011. It means that voluntary organisations and social enterprises in the West Midlands will continue to benefit from information, advice and guidance on ERDF and ESF funding.

Geraldine Tsakirakis, WMEN’s Chief Executive Officer said:
“I am delighted that RAWM has agreed to take on WMEN’s legacy. Since 1996, WMEN has been effective in increasing third sector organisations’ access to European funding as well as ensuring the third sector has been part of the strategic European agenda. RAWM’s reputation as an established third sector organisation in the region means it will be able to build on WMEN’s work quickly and easily.”

Sharon Palmer, RAWM’s Chief Executive Officer said:
“RAWM and WMEN have a long history of working together and we are privileged to have been asked to continue to build on WMEN’s work over the last 15 years. Our priority in the coming weeks is to work closely with WMEN to integrate information, systems and processes in a way that will benefit third sector organisations and add value to our existing work.”

WMEN will be in contact with its members shortly with more information about the new arrangements. Members will continue to receive information about European funding from WMEN until a formal handover date is agreed.

For more information contact:

Geraldine Tsakirakis, WMEN CEO
Tel: 0121 683 8890

Sharon Palmer, RAWM CEO
Tel: 0121 237 5813