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RAWM submits responses to latest government consultations

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Mon, 10/01/2011

RAWM has responded to the government's latest consultations Supporting a stronger civil society and Modernising commissioning, using comments during the Big Society events held before Christmas. 

Supporting a stronger civil society

RAWM broadly agrees with aspects of the government's plans, in particular bursaries and consolidation grants. However, our response suggests a more nuanced approach to access to advice and sources of support, building the skills of frontline voluntary and community organisations, and encouraging partnerships between the voluntary and community sector and the public sector.

Modernising commissioning

Again, RAWM supports elements of the government's proposals, such as a commitment to ensuring commissioners take full account of factors such as social action and social capital.  Our response to developing new opportunities is based on the belief that not all services should be commissioned and that development should include new approaches to delivering existing services.  Based on comments recorded at the Big Society events, our response encourages the development of delivery consortia as a means of creating new opportunities for small and medium sized organisations, and outlines the successful partnership work involved in developing the West Midlands Procurement Framework for Jobs and Skills.

More information

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