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Smaller but Better? Post-growth Public Services

Thu, 14/11/2013 - 18:30 - 21:00

As part of the opening series events celebrating the opening the Library of Birmingham the independent think tank The Green House will be presenting it’s far reaching ideas on public policy as expressed in its latest discussion paper Smaller But Better? Post Growth Public Services.

Greenhouse presenters will include Dr Andrew Pearmain, Mr Brian Heatley (paper author) and Professor Andrew Dobson.

The evening will start with a brief discussion from Andrew Dobson on the importance of the public sector and this will be followed by an outline of the key issues and possibilities offered in the Green House paper Smaller But Better.

Following this, responses from Cllr Stewart Stacey, (Cabinet Member, Birmingham City Council), Heather Wakefield, (Unison), Matthew Taylor, (Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts), Dr Josie Kelly (Aston University).

The Chair for the evening, Dr John Blewitt, will then facilitate a discussion among the participants before opening up the debate to audience members who will be able to ask questions of the participants or offer contributions of their own.

The discussion-event will last in the region of ninety minutes leaving time for informal networking at the end of the evening.

Event Format:

18.30: Event registration
18.55: Introduction by John Blewitt (Chair)
19.00: Andrew Dobson:
19.10: Green House Presentation: Smaller but Better?
19.30: Individual responses from Stewart Stacey, Heather Wakefield, Matthew Taylor, Josie Kelly
19.45: Panel Discussion
20.10: Audience discussion & Q&A
20.30: Concluding remarks and reactions from Green House
20.35: John Blewitt: Thanks and Follow Up
20.40: Informal discussion and networking



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