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Morning Conference and "INSIDE OUT" Documentary Screening

Wed, 17/09/2014 - 09:00 - 12:30

Bringing Hope conference and screening of the documentary ‘Inside Out’

The documentary will explore the real life experiences facing high-risk offenders and the challenges they face back in the community. It will give you a realistic insight into the life and journey of one of their clients, providing an honest look into the life of somebody once inside the Prison system, posing the question - does the UK really give ex-offenders a second chance?

The feelings, thoughts and activities that emerge during the process of rehabilitation, can render an individual disempowered, if the support, advice; emotional and financial resources are not present. Therefore with all the reforms in the Criminal Justice System, we at Bringing Hope felt this was the right time to explore with the support of Clinks the notion of Re-entry (Resettlement) the “transition from prison to community for BME ex offenders.

This event will explore the dynamics and feelings of offenders, ex-offenders and those working with them within a resettlement and rehabilitation framework.

Bringing Hope invites fellow practitioners to explore Bringing Hope’s method of engagement and thoughts around their 8 step strategic way Forward as the Criminal Justice System

At the end of the conference, delegates will:

  • Have a better understanding about the work Bringing Hope does
  • Learn about Bringing Hope’s USP around method, approach and key principles of service
  • With a call to action, learn about how you can get involved and help support resettlement


Booking Information

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