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Fair Enough? Debating workplace inequality

Mon, 09/06/2014 - 18:00 - 20:30

#FairEnough is a conversation about leadership, equality and the workplace.

Can anyone regardless of sex, class and ethnicity reach the top in 2014? Is the workplace really a level playing field?

Join BLF and special guest Peter Tatchell on Monday 9th June to spark an important debate for Birmingham and the UK!

Fair Enough? The need for this debate

Take a look at the city's leadership – that’s people in positions of power and influence. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Birmingham is populated only by white middle class men.

  • White people in Birmingham are 1.75 times more likely to be employed as managers and directors than BME people. * think tank BRAP - 2012
  • 28.7% of LGBT residents have been the subject of bullying or discrimination in the workplace. * Out and About: Mapping LGBT - 2011 survey

For a super-diverse city how can this be right?


Joining the panel will be

Peter Tatchell - Political Activist and Human Rights Campaigner
Joy Warmington - CEO of BRAP think tank
Mashuq Ally - Ass Director of Equalities & Human Resources, Birmingham City Council

For further details contact or call tel: 0121 2333187


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