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Discover Open Hub

Thu, 06/02/2014 - 12:15 - 17:00

What kind of communities will thrive in the future?

Looking forward is always a difficult task, but people from across the world are sharing with us a collective vision of what might be possible.

A Community of the Future will be a place where we can come together to share ideas, grow projects together and shape the community as part of our everyday lives.

The Open Hub aims to be a starting point for building that type of place

For the next year, residents in Wren’s Nest and surrounding areas are being invited to become members of the Open Hub and be able to book space in Wren’s Nest Community Centre for no charge.

A place for residents to share their ideas and start projects

The idea is that residents need opportunities and spaces to come together to start their own projects ... projects that might involve cooking and eating together, fixing objects, sharing resources. These projects could include working together – perhaps even starting new enterprises - or growing food.

We think that these kind of collaborative activities could change what it feels like to live in Wren’s Nest. The projects that residents create together will become a way of surfacing all the amazing ideas and skills that exist already in this community, but are sometimes invisible.

Discover Open Hub

We'd love to tell you more about the Open Hub. Book on a Discover Open Hub tour if you would like to:

  • See the 7 flexible spaces that have 660 hours each week available for projects
  • Find out what projects residents are getting ready to start
  • Find out how membership works
  • Find out what support is available for members
  • Understand why we are investing in Open Hub and supporting open projects, instead of funding groups to do things

The Community of the Future
Connected, Creative and Open


Booking Information

There are 2 tour admission times available - please book one of the following:

Admission time 1 12.15-12.45

Admission time 2 16.30-17.00

The Open Hub is a collaborative project.

All adult members of the Open Hub give time as hosts. Open Hub hosts warmly welcome you to our organised events and activities, and at other times when the hub is open.

The Open Hub has been created in close collaboration with local residents, Dudley CVS, the Office of Public Health, and Social Spaces/00.

The fundamental assumption for the design of the project has been that no transformative change is possible at local level without everyone's determination to bring together all the available resources, human, physical and economic.

Open Hub aims to create a new type of platform that creates the conditions for creative ideas to emerge and grow.

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