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The Coventry Ladies WW1 Commemorative Football Match

Mon, 25/08/2014 - 12:00 - 17:00


Commemorate the WW1 women’s teams from the Coventry munitions factories

On Monday 25th August 2014, the Butts Park Arena will host a very special & unique community event to commemorate the women’s teams from the Coventry munitions factories, who played during World War One.

As part of a larger WW1 commemoration project, The Coventry Ladies will take part in a reconstruction of the first ever recorded match played by the munitionnettes in the city in 1917, when The Rudge & Whitworth factory ladies took on the Humber Ladies. Both teams will play in full WW1 reproduction kits to re-create the original match. Match duration will be 1 hour, as it was back in 1917.

Ladies football in WW1 became quite a phenomenon, with matches attracting crowds in their thousands who would flock to see the women play. But many percieved the women's game as 'farcical' and 'No game for girls..!'. At the height of it's success in 1921, the womens football movement was banned by the FA.

This is a very special and unique family day for the whole community, with vintage vehicles from the period and lots of WW1 style entertainments around the match. The match and event will be filmed for a documentary.

The organisers are inviting all attendees to come dressed up in WW1 clothing!! So why not research what people wore back then? Those dressed up and arriving in time, will be seated on the front rows of the stadium.


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