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Brewcamp Brum - The Triumphant Return

Thu, 13/02/2014 - 17:30 - 20:30

First Birmingham Brewcamp of 2014

The first speakers will be Stuart Harrison and Simon Whitehouse. Both of them have left local government in recent years and are working on practical uses for open government data.

Stuart went from making Lichfield District Council a world leader in open data to working full time at the Open Data Institute (ODI) and will be talking about the work they are doing.

Simon recently worked as an associate at ODI, leading their Crime and Justice Challenge Series and has recently co-founded Data Unlocked, a locally based co-operative that aims to work with open data for social good. He'll be asking: is 2014 the year we finally do something practically useful with open data locally?

The second session will be led by Claire Turner from the Environment Agency.

January has seen the wettest month since records began and the Environment Agency has responded to each and every flood. Claire will give an insight into how they have used social media to get their messages out.

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