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Better evidence for better public health – what does Public Health in Local Government mean?

Thu, 13/06/2013 - 09:00 - Fri, 14/06/2013 - 17:00
West Bromwich

The G8 World leaders in their tradition meet in a few days before our conference in June in Northern Ireland to determine the fate of millions. The UK will use its Presidency to prioritise global economy and how to generate growth, jobs and prosperity for the long term. But all public policies can produce harm as well as good? How should we assess the best evidence for improving health and other social outcomes?

Sandwell Health’s Other Economic Summit (SHOES) will convene again to think global and act local to improve health. The theme this year is better evidence for better public health. Amidst the biggest changes to the NHS since its creation will be what is the best evidence to take forward better Public Health in local government in England? And how can the ideas of evidence based practice impact on other areas of local policy such as education, crime, housing and environmental improvement? And how can these ideas impact on other nations’ health?

Day 1
Day one will feature eminent speakers from the world of national and international public health:
• Professor Mark Petticrew, Professor of Public Health Evaluation, London School of Hygiene
• Geof Raynor, Public Health analyst commentator and author and Honorary research fellow, City University Co author with Professor Tim Lang of ‘Ecological Public Health' the most talked about book in public health today;
• Dr Margaret McCartney, GP from Glasgow prolific medical author, including author of the award winning ‘Patient Paradox’ and BMJ columnist
• Professor Jenny Popay, Professor of Sociology and public Health, University of Lancaster
• Professor Richard Lilford, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, The University of Birmingham
• Professor Allyson Pollock (invited)

Day 2
Day two will feature the launch of the Sandwell Environmental Tracking System – the first of its kind outside the USA, and will include an array of eminent speakers from environmental science and public health:
• Professor Stephen Palmer, Cardiff University and World Health Organisation
• Professor Patrick Saunders
• Professor Peter Blain, University of Newcastle
• Dr Mohammed Mohammed, University of Birmingham
• Richard Norton, Sandwell MBC

The SHOES conference is in its 14th year and since its inception the focus has been the economics of health and disease, health and human rights, skills and jobs, environmental justice and health inequalities. SHOES has been the place for challenging debate, discussion and action.

This years conference: ‘Better evidence for better public health’ on 13th and 14th June promises to be exciting and thought provoking as public health finds its feet in local government. A new way of working, a new environment and new challenges with ever reducing finances in the face of increased hardship, poverty and health challenges.

Booking Information

For further information contact Sheila Lloyd / Rachel Allchurch / Helen Hanson on 0845 352 7697 or email


The conference is free to delegates from the West Midlands region.

For those attending from outside of the region there will be a £25 charge for each day which includes a delegate pack and lunch.

Delegates are encouraged to sign up to a unique conference experience of using local money by volunteering two hours of their time to work in community projects of their choice through the Time Bank.