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Funder logos & guidance

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On this page you can find links and information regarding the use of European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund and Skills Funding Agency logos in publicity and marketing materials for funded projects.

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

All marketing and communications materials produced as part of, or to promote approved ERDF projects must acknowledge European Union’s support and publicity requirements must be followed. You can access ERDF West Midlands Logo pack on the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) website. Scroll down to Related downloads section and select ERDF West Midlands Logo pack (ZIP).


European Social Fund (ESF)

There is a specific ESF logo for the 2007-2013 England and Gibraltar ESF programme. The logo and a reference to financial support from the European Union must be used on all information and publicity measures, including both ESF and match-funded activity. You can access the ESF Publicity Works toolkit on the ESF section of DWP website.


Skills Funding Agency

If you are a learning provider who works with the Skills Funding Agency and its programmes, you will need to work with its brands and support its marketing campaigns and activities. When using these materials, you must refer to, and follow, the brand guidelines for each programme. You can access individual guidelines, logos and templates for documents on the Skills Funding Agency website.