krigen mod narkotika fiasko social retfærdighed i forbindelse med sundhedsydelser

The road to Europe 2020

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Addressing social exclusion and the impact on the third sector

On 29 September 2011, WMEN held a workshop to discuss the role of EU funding programmes in realising Europe 2020 Strategy, especially in reducing social exclusion and strengthening territorial cohesion. It was designed to give a balanced mixture allowing organisations to get to grips with the Europe 2020 Strategy, how it is influencing national decision making and structural changes, and learn how the Third Sector organisations can get involved in promoting social inclusion.

The workshop was underpinned by the assumption that the understanding these plans is critical to understanding the future actions and welfare policies implemented by the UK Government.

The half-day event covered:

  • An overview of Europe 2020 Strategy – how we arrived at it, what it encompasses and the new role to be assigned for Structural Funds to deliver it
  • Critical evaluation of UK National Reform Programme and its plans to meet the five main targets of Europe 2020 Strategy
  • Extensive analysis of the welfare reforms being implemented by the UK Government and their implications
  • Raising awareness about Transnational Funds and the role they will play in promoting strong social inclusion objectives in 2014-2020.

The conference was aimed at organisations that were keen to know what Europe 2020 Strategy is all about and its relationship with UK National Reform Programme.

Below are the electronic copies of the presentations given during the day. Please click on the individual links to download the relevant presentation.

Introduction [1.22mB, PDF]
Vaida Lukošiūtė, West Midlands European Network

Overview of Europe 2020 Strategy and UK National Reform Programme [5.63mB, PDF]
Brian Harvey, Independent Social Researcher

Understand UK Welfare Reform [1.11mB, PDF]
Michael Fothergill, Crisis Welfare Network Project Manager

West Midlands European Service – your route to Transnational Funding [934kB, PDF]
Stuart Russon, Funding Advisor, West Midlands European Service (WMES)