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Addressing environmental sustainability (Coventry)

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On 16 November 2010, WMEN ran a workshop to promote environmental sustainability throughout the Third Sector and engage a broader range of organisations in addressing this issue.

The aims of the workshop were to:

  • Raise awareness about sustainable development and sustainable practice in the Third Sector and how it can be incorporated into the daily operations
  • Facilitate better links between environmental goals and the wider social and economic goals and motivations of Third Sector organisations, individuals and communities
  • Encourage Third Sector organisations to lead by example in mainstreaming the principles of environmental sustainability into all that they do.

The workshop was aimed at organisations that have, or are considering applying for, European funding. The increasing emphasis on environmental sustainability means that these organisations are required to demonstrate a commitment to mainstream sustainable development.

The presentations given during the day are listed below. Please click on the individual links to download the presentations.



Introduction [1.16mB, PDF]
Vaida Lukošiūtė, European Project Development Officer, WMEN

Environmental sustainability in your organisation – looking at environmental impacts [1.25mB, PDF]
Heidi Seary, Business Development Manager, Community Recycling Network (CRN)

Environmental Justice [1.2mB, PDF]
Karen Leach, Coordinator, Localise West Midlands (LWM)

ERDF and Environmental Sustainability [1.21mB, PDF]
Vaida Lukošiūtė, European Project Development Officer, WMEN

ESF and Sustainable Development [1.58mB, PDF]
Vaida Lukošiūtė, European Project Development Officer, WMEN

How does the WRCC help and encourage people living in rural areas to develop their communities in a sustainable way? [23kB, PDF]
Ariadne Uslu, Competitions Organiser, Warwickshire Rural Community Council (WRCC)

Kingsbridge Project – bringing people together through sport [1.53mB, PDF]
Roger Lynch, Project Manager, and John Kirkman, Project Fundraising, Kingsbridge Project