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ERDF Programme Delivery

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Further EU Grants information from the European Commission

Investment Frameworks have been developed for each of the Priority Axes of the 2007-13 ERDF Programme. These Frameworks break each Priority Axis into relevant portfolios of activity and for each portfolio identify the agreed delivery solution i.e;

  • The most suitable route for project development
  • The most suitable approach for implementation
  • The preferred sources of match funding/co-financing; and
  • The timing and sequence of interventions

The Investment Frameworks have been agreed in partnership via the Priority Working Groups and identify particular activities where the most suitable route for project development is to commission or launch a call for applications.


Calls ERDF Programme:

You can sign up to DCLG e-mail distribution list to receive an automatic alert each time a new call is launched by emailing with your details.


Developing your project:

ERDF provides investment to support projects that make a significant and lasting contribution to the economic development and regeneration of the region.

If you have a project idea that you think may qualify for support from ERDF, you need to follow the proposal and appraisal process.

Before you invest a lot of time and effort in developing your project you’ll need to confirm that ERDF is the most appropriate funding to support your specific project requirements.

View all of the background information and details of each Priority.


Who do I contact?

If you need any clarification about ERDF funding or would like to develop an idea please contact the RAWM Policy Officer (Europe) by email: or tel: 0121 237 5818.