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ERDF Cross Cutting Themes

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Two Cross Cutting Themes have been established to ensure that environmental respect and social equity are fundamental features of the Programme.

CCT1 Environmental Sustainability:

Efforts will focus on: the stimulation of eco-innovation, the improvement of energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

CCT2 Equal Opportunities:

Ethnic minority groups, new migrant communities and women are currently all under represented in West Midlands businesses and will be given particular attention to support economic inclusion.


For effective implementation, the Cross Cutting Themes must be embedded through all stages of the programme and project lifecycle: through governance, development, appraisal, selection, monitoring, and evaluation. Suitable guidance, training and monitoring is being established to support all programme stakeholders.


Two tools have been developed to support the environmental assessment of projects:

  • Carbon Reduction Assessment
  • Built Environment Sustainability Checklist
  • Publicity