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About RAWM

The TechnoCentre.

RAWM is an infrastructure organisation supporting the strategic development, engagement and sustainability of voluntary sector organisations in and across the West Midlands, In our portfolio we are actively engaged in work that demonstrates engagement by identifying the value of contributions by individuals, communities and voluntary sector organisations; by articulating evidence-based approaches and developing tools to support co-design and co-delivery at local level of Government’s key agendas.

Strategic aims

  • To promote and maximise the contribution of the voluntary and community sector in improving the quality of life for disadvantaged communities in the West Midlands area (voluntary and community sector contribution)
  • To be recognised as the support agency for voluntary and community organisations in the West Midlands area (the support organisation)

Each aim is supported by a set of objectives, which determine the activities undertaken to deliver them.

Voluntary and community sector contribution

  • To actively promote a voluntary and community sector perspective on key strategies
  • To maximise the contribution of the voluntary and community sector to key social, economic and environmental strategies
  • To influence ways in which government programmes, resource allocation and related procedures are developed.

The support organisation

  • To promote RAWM and its achievements
  • To work in partnership and build networks
  • To act as a recognised communications channel, able to exchange and disseminate information.